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Good Morning! - CC

Floating Islands from our room - CC

Many-colored Rush Tyrant - CC

little gray bird

shrine on the hill at hotel

female Andean Flicker came out of hole on hillside

pair of doves on a tree

the Andean Flicker couple

little bird I found in the reeds

doves feeding in the field behind us

yellow-winged blackbird!

Terry taking a pic of the view

the view

tourist boats coming and going from Uros floating islands

climbing up to the Puma to see the view of Puno and...

lizard in the playground

immature flamingo at Sillustani tombs

coati coffee is most exotic & expensive in the world

so you believe I was here

people were buried in there!

this is a Chullpa

farmland down below

closed restaurant on top of the hill before the path to Chullpas

married woman tending sheep

modern avenue of shops

a park onsite

and a church

bags and water bottle holders sold everywhere in Peru

farmer ready to greet us

everyone took a turn hugging a llama

I see things for sale in there

Henry teaches them something about the farmhouse

llama tells dog who's the boss

Kathy checks out the produce grown there

building a pretty sidewalk

for a new town, I think

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view of Puno, Peru

Cindy had the curtains open to try to get pictures of the night sky and, hopefully, the Milky Way. She wasn't so successful with that, but she got a great sunrise picture!

I was up for breakfast at 7 AM then birding with Kike at 8 down by the river. Cindy saw her many-colored rush tyrant. I saw little birds, but wasn't so successful with pictures. I was happy to see both the male and female flicker this morning, some doves, and a cute little bird.

After a leisurely morning, checkout was at noon with lunch to follow. We went by bus in the afternoon, making a few stops on the way to the Juliaca airport. The first thing we did was go up to the overlook of the city of Puno and visit the Puma at the top.

Then we went to the Sillustani tombs. There was a nice avenue with stores on either side just before the tomb walk. I made it about a third of the way up a gravel ramp before giving up. These were from pre-Incan times. People were buried in the fetal position facing East, and thus ready to be born again. The Incans got lots of ideas from these Colla people!

Henry had a surprise for us by stopping at a Colla farm house and complex. THe owner was ready for us and had a llama out front, allowing each person to hug the neck and get their picture taken. I had no money left and did not get off the bus. After pictures, all went inside the entrance to see how the farm people lived, grew their food, and sold their wares! Meghan bought a rug and had Carolyn pack it in her things to get it home!

It was quite the maze through Juliaca to get to the airport. There we left Henry who had showed us Puno and today's sights. Kike went with us to Lima and saw each of us to our check-in lines. He lives in Lima and will have another tour in a few days. Those of us flying Delta to Atlanta had a few hours to kill, leaving at 1 AM.

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