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we rode in style

the front of San Pedro Apostol de Andahuaylillas

many bus tours stop here - village is small

marketplaces just opening up

beautiful tree in bloom

flowers of the tree

ceiling of 2nd floor balcony gives hint of what's inside

a street off the square

dog watching people go by

San Pedro?

Archeological park of Raqch'i

interesting wall or walls

part of it is being renovated

looks like a chimney, but it isn't

She's our guide today

those were storehouses

stone wall around perimeter for protection

foundation for houses

sun shines through here on Dec 21

farm area of compound

offers a picture with him and llamas to passersby

looking back at ruins

market is by that chapel

gallinules live in the pond

the church

lots of things for sale

museum tell what an Incan Warrior looked like

famous Incan discovered lots

showing travels

in boats like these!

fruits & vegetables of Peru

Coca leaves are very important for many reasons

so there!

aah - the shaman

musical instruments of Peru

that's armadillo!

more instruments

social structure of Incan people - learned at M.P.

similarity between Incans and Egyptians!


little girl comes and dances for us

quick picture of glaciers of Andes mountains at Raya Pass

another stop in Pukara

didn't look at this church

Peg & Cindy walking down the street

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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dancing girl by the bus

Another very early morning. Debby got up with us and saw us off on the bus. She will be spending the day with Percy by visiting a llama zoo before her trip to Lima and then to Chicago, via Miami. I will be rooming with Cindy for the last couple of night.

We took a van actually to the bus station and made up half of the seating. Our first stop was at a church called the Sistine Chapel of the Andes in Andahualillas. It has a lot of gold leaf covering the items.

The next stop was at another church where we couldn't take pictures again.

I wish I could understand our guides so that I would learn, but thank goodness for the Internet. Here is what the ruins of Raqch'i are all about.

Stop 3 was for a buffet lunch and to visit a small Inca museum.

Stop 4 was unexpected in that the bus broke down with an overheated radiator in an unnamed village! While we were waiting for it to cool down so that water could be added, a little girl came down from her house on the hill and started dancing, using a small boom box for music! Women from the bus (some of us included) clapped, danced, and laughed. Finally, they gave her coins and she ran home to show Mama how much she got. I know she does her dancing while with her Mom at the market or else she wouldn't have a boombox!

Anyway, next, was a quick stop where we could view glaciers but it was hailing so that didn't last long!

We made a final stop at a museum showing historic pottery of Pukara. There is supposedly a good coffee shop here, and free bathrooms!

We got to the Libertador Lake Titicaca Hotel after 7 PM and had dinner immediately. I tried to get to sleep at 9 but was still awake at 10 and had a fitful night for some reason.

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