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our viewpoint for the feeding frenzy to come

getting set up - TM

kinds of macaws to look for

Parrots and Parakeets

they start by gathering in the trees

Here comes the sun!

parrots, parrotlets, and parakeets feed first and stay there

some colorful wings

here come the macaws!

hard to get them in flight

found dusky-headed and orange-cheeked parrots!

best shot of a parrot

colorful experience

pale-winged trumpeters

lone flower - hummingbird just left it

more tall trees

kapok named Tapir

butterfly closed wings

same butterfly opened up

that's a big nest

Jaguar print in middle of boot prints

Terry got a better print

bird eating fruit of palm

monkey looking at us

Scarlet macaw

birds of paradise outside the resort

bullet ant by Terry Miller

looks like a painting

part 1 of panorama pic

running to other side while Terry stays focused on the tree

part 3 of panorama pic

a Tapir feeding in the water

another shot

better head shot

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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clay lick activity

(MP4 - 1.67 MB)

tapir siting

Up at 4:15 to take a short boat ride to a stony island across from the Colorado Macaw clay lick. As the sun rose, parrots, parakeets, and macaws come to the clay lick to socialize and get their fill. It was interesting and colorful to watch. Many people got bit by sand fleas, though. I got some around my ankles but it wasn't bad.

After breakfast, we went on a morning walk, then came back and had lunch and a rest, then a late afternoon walk. We saw a jaguar pawprint on our morning walk. We learned about army ants in the afternoon and Connie actually got some on her boots! She tried to knock them off by hitting her foot against a tree, but Fernando had to brush them off, then wash his hands afterwards. They are acidic and inflict lots of pain.

The big deal of the day was seeing a Tapir in the water near us! Fernando and Kike took pictures for us so you can see what they saw. We were standing further back and trees got in the way of taking good pictures ourselves. This was a rare siting!

I opted not to go on the night walk, but those that went found a pink-toed tarantula, amongst other critters.

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