Ginny's Adventures 2019 travel blog

morning view from our room

taken by Susan Chute

tall trees

Tamarin monkey I think

family of them

my shot of father and baby

Susan Chute's picture

mother is close by

Fernando grabs a big paddle

our boats for the lake

It's s small lake


look at that hairdo!

lots of colors on it

There are bats in the shadows!

I found the bird they were pointing out!

Blue & Yellow Macaw

Strangler Fig

Fernando checks it out for safety

at the base of a Kapok tree

leaf cutter ants at work

coming down the kapok tree (right side in the sun)

close up

Ant highway!

ant home!

Scarlet macaw

a boat full of people!

another group of hikers

with a huge rudder/paddle

big beetle

walking palm

all about Leaf-cutter ants

canopy tower I didn't climb

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monkey business

Up and at 'em at 5:15! Breakfast at 5:45, hike to Oxbow Lake, short boat ride to the other side, then another hike before turning around and coming back. We saw 3 species of monkeys - the howler monkey, the tamarin and spider, 2 species of macaws - red and green and scarlet, Hoatzins or stink birds, Piranha fish, and leaf-cutting ants. We saw an erotic palm and a walking palm. The erotic palm had root shoots that look like penises, while the walking palm actually puts down roots around the middle (no main tree trunk) and actually moves over much time.

In the afternoon, I relaxed at the lodge with a few others instead of hiking back to the canopy tower. My knee is starting to bother me already! I got stung by a wasp while sitting in a lounge chair! Those few that made it to the top of the canopy tower saw the elusive Harpy Eagle!

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