Ginny's Adventures 2019 travel blog

a similar boat to ours

the navigator

all in two rows

Debby & Cindy

a Capybara

Howler Monkey

There's something on that mud!

It's a Caiman!

Look at that dirt cliff!

Red & Green Macaws (even though they look red & blue)

closer look - green wings

sister boat people staying there

our room has 3 beds!

clear plastic shower curtain

Cindy Cone's pic of boardwalk between rooms and main building

After breakfast, we went by bus to the airport and flew to Puerto Maldanado. There, we got into a bus to go to the Tambopata River. We needed to arrange our luggage to take a bag with only our warm weather clothes and gear. The other stuff stayed at the office until our return. For some reason, we were delayed so ate lunch there instead of in the boats. That was just fine, actually. Lunch was a meat and rice dish packaged in what looked like corn husks.

We filled up a boat that took us to the Refugio Amazonas. It was a 3 hour ride! We saw a Capybara, a howler monkey, a Caiman, and Macaws feeding at a salt lick on the side of the river.

We got to the lodge after dark and had to walk up at least 70 uneven, stone steps and then 1/4 mile. We were told at various times not to step on the ants which we could not see because of darkness! I had a head lamp but it didn't shine very brightly. We were greeted at the entrance and told that while in the lodge, we were to go barefoot or with socks or with strictly indoor shoes. We were guided to our rooms, away from the main lodge and dining area, and found them to be as advertised. There was a back side open to the jungle. Debby and I got a room with 3 beds! Others got a room with two beds and a hammock!

Dinner was at 7:15 and the food was good. I didn't record what we ate, but it was a lot of food - appetizer, entree, dessert. Bed by 9:30.

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