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Early morning wash

Hay collection


Alison and Zoe in Kovalam

Udaipur in the Fun Place

Alison at the Fun Palace

Having fun in the Water Gardens

After a lazy day of people watching, in breakfast, seeing on large Indian gentleman consuming his way through 10 courses of complimentary Indian breakfast, along with his 300 family members.

Alison was systematically packing up for another move with the bags weighing in at approx 25 kg each.

We got a call at about 10:00 stating our flight from Udaipur to Delhi was going to be an hour and half delay, which immediately put our next Air India flight to Kovolam in jeopardy as we only had an hour and twenty gap.

Oh my goodness what should we do, we checked through google and identified a flight from Udaipur to Trivandrum via Hydrobad with Indi Go. So off we trekked to the airport and went up to the Air India and explained our predicament. The hostess said it was Ok if we missed the transit, air India would find accommodation in Delhi and fly us out the next day!!!!. This is not what we wanted to hear, so she said we could cancel the flight and get a refund, if we could get tickets with Indi Go. So where was the ticket office back outside of the security, so we were escorted and after a fashion we brought the required tickets. Now we had to get back into security, now we had only been ten minutes at the max but the security guard who had let us us through failed to recognise us. The only two white people in the whole airport....typical.

Having cleared security, again another palaver and some serious frisking given that I only had a shorts and t shirt. We were on our way.

We had a reasonable stop over at Hydrobad given that we had endure another serious frisking despite only moving from the in gate next to the out gate.

As we landed into Trivandrum, the rain was spitting out and by the time we got into the car, the rain increased in intensity. The roads were flooded and puddles every where in the rutted streets.

We headed for our beach/ cliff top hotel The Leila out on a peninsular into the Arabian Ocean.

We arrived at the hotel about 10:00 and went down some late dinner, perhaps tomorrow will hold more promise.

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