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Flooded Beach

Local fishing villiage

Having another kingfisher


In the pool

Lunch time snack


In the tuk tuk

Bats down by the pool

One lump or two?

We woke late and we could still the rain potter pattering onto our balcony. Although looking over the balcony the sky looked slightly lighter and headed jaunterly done to breakfast.

The Indian Times had been delivered and the headlines were, 2 massive cyclones storms were in the Arabian Ocean and heading for land fall in Kerala, some 50km North. Forecast heavy rain and wind for next two days.

Just great but on speaking to Colin and Zoe overnight and their suite only, they had a special blessing with three inches of water throughout their floor. Colin woke up swimming, with Zoe trying to recover her case floating towards the balcony. Strangely they asked to be moved nearer the ocean as they preferable salt water to rain water.

We had a walk down to the road to our private beach, which was a black sand with builders sand thrown on top. The 15/20 foot waves were crashing in and even the local fishing fleet was strapped down. We wandered back through the main road where we came upon the local electricity board undertake some live line work on the 11000 volt overhead line. There safety standards some what different to my understanding, with the use of a car battery charger clip being used to earth down the line, applied by hand. The flash and bang were quickly extinguished by the use of his hat.

Further along we entered a shop that was probably last visited in 1947 and spent a princely sum of 500 rupees, approx £5. The shopkeeper was so delighted with the sale he retired to live a life of luxury.

We continued down to a light house at the far end of the local seafront. We were offered such luxuries as fresh pineapples, coconuts and mangoes, leather shoes, paintings, dresses and shirts all for less than 100 rupees £1 in today’s money. Every seafront resturant wanted to serve us their speciality sea food curry at 11:00 am in the morning, no thank you.....

We had a beer and decided to risk a tuk tuk ride back, it was quite an experience just getting up the hill with the four us clinging on for good luck.

Having returned to the hotel and by now the rain had stopped but was overcast.

We played badminton and as we did a flock of fruit bats flew overhead to a nearby fruit tree. There is also some spectacular sea eagles flying around along with a number of peacocks all screaming and presenting.

After a swim in the pool, the cyclone increased in intensity and with the wind howling, we went to undertake a yoga class. First mistake as for those that know me, my left hip is a problem and with the mistress, putting me into all sorts of demanding positions, I had to book a four hand massage to get me back upright.

See you all tomorrow the yoga guru asked? No we have our hair to wash was the reply.

Now getting ready for our evening meal, probably a curry for a change.

See what tomorrow brings.....

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