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Having caught up with the blog, went down to the pool and did some rain bathing. I have not referred much to the weather in the blog mainly because it is hot, dry and dusty during the day. During the evening and early morning it has been a little nippy particularly in Ranthambhore and Udaipur. However today we have a tinkling of rain.

Also more worryingly the weather forecast for Kovlamn our next destination in the south of India is only 26 and showers.

Anyhow after cloudbathing, we had booked to play the virtual golf, in which hitting real golf balls at a screen against a background of a course means that you can play any golf course in the world.

Obviously we chose to play Augusta With the boys driving off and the girls putting out, at the end of the first hole we were 8 and 9 over par on a par 4 hole. Things did not improve from there, I fact the young lad who was assisting us had to call home and tell his mum he would home late for dinner.

There were air shots, putts that failed to record, near death experiences as the ball would fly back off the screen.

So apart from the 8 to 10 putts on the green, as you know Augusta is notoriously difficult on the 14 stent measured undulating greens.

The highlight was Colins par 5 on the the 8th, but the game had to end on the ninth because the staff wanted to go home, with Colin/Zoe +40 and Bob/Alison +38 with 2 unrecorded air shots, so I guess you say we were all square!!!!!

We had a lovely evening buffet and played cards in the lobby as everywhere else had been long since closed down.

We woke late and had a lazy breakfast before heading out at 12:00.

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