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After a full last day in Peru, we left Lima at 1 AM, getting to Atlanta at 9 AM. I slept 2 hours and 41 minutes according to my Fitbit, but it didn't seem like it was that much! I hung with Sarah until she left for Richmond about 11 AM, then with Pat & Kathy until they went to a seafood restaurant at noon.

I went to my concourse and sat in a restaurant and ordered a burger costing almost $15!! After waiting a long time, the waitress came out with a panini of some sort. She promptly took it away then came back to tell me my food will be coming, she made the mistake. I waited a long time again and got a regular cheeseburger and the check with a 10% discount ($1.80). Whoop! When I looked at the bill, I noticed that it said an American cheeseburger. I had ordered a mushroom and brie cheeseburger. I pointed that out to my waitress. She took the bill away again and came back with a certain face, showing me the new bill. They gave me the burger so I only owed $3.15 for the root beer! I sure did wish I had cash but I paid with my credit card and gave her a $5 tip for helping me out, even though she made the mistakes! That passed 2 hours!

The plane ride up to Albany was fast, because we landed 20 minutes early! Dot was already there, thinking she was going to have a coffee and watch my plane come in! We got to Dot's house about 6:30 and there I had a good old ham and cheese sandwich with a glass of milk! We then went to Mom's where I was going to spend the night. I was really tired, but managed to tell some stories about the trip. Bedtime was before 9 PM though!

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