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The Pilgrims Monument at Provincetown, Mass

Looking out to sea from tower

Both of us

Vanderbilt 's cottage

Gatsby was filmed here

Another mansion

A fire orange maple

One of the first automated rotisserie for cooking a roast...note pulleys

It had stopped raining when we left Barnstable. We drove down to Sandy Neck Beach to see the beach. It was hidden behind sand dunes. We climbed and saw a small sandy beach. But with a cold wind blowing we didn't linger.

We went on on 6A winding through sleepy little towns and villages, each with its own character. Houses...cottages...were on the large size. Most were white frame...wooden...houses. There were little restaurants and gift shops increased in number as we approached Cape Cod National Seashore Park. We stopped at Salt Pond Visitor Center with its over-sized parking lot...3 in all. We learned that it was from the Atlantic side between Eastham and South Wellfleet that Marconi sent his wireless message from Theodore Roosevelt to King Edward in England.

From here we followed rte. 6 up the cape with sand dunes hiding the views. First colorful forests gave way to green pines and then sand. At Provincetown we turned into one way streets. We went to the Pilgrims Monument...a 252 foot grey granite tower. Inside there was steps and ramps leading to the top. At the top we could and did look out in all directions to the sea. It was cloudy but we could still see. After we went into the small museum with its replicas of ships, pilgrims' dress, and history. In 1620...as the rock says....on Nov. 11th the Mayflower landed and remained for 35 days before sailing to Plymouth in search of fresh water.

After we went for a lobster lunch at the Lobster Pot. (Primavera and a lobster reuban...delicious). Then we drove through town out towards the landing spot before turning around to retrace our steps to Sandwich just before the canal.

We followed the canal across the peninsula to I 195 to Fall River and rte 114 into Newport, Rhode Island. What a neat little city! This is where the rich came to build their "cottages". We drove Bellvue Street with mouths open, eyes bugged out. The size...maybe 25,000 square feet....just a cottage? And the grounds! Equally impressive. We saw Vanderbilt 's, Rose Garden where Gatsby was filmed. Another was featured in a Christmas movie. Some had pillars and columns others had towers and turrets. Most were of rock. Some were open for touring others were totally private. Bellevue Street led onto the Ocean Drive. Here we had long glimpses of the Atlantic and the rocky shores.....and more huge private oversized mansions.

Along the horizon there was some blue sky. Cars were lining up to watch the sunset....but we needed a room.

We found a room at the Day's Inn out on rte. 114. We unloaded the car and went looking for a restaurant. We found a McDonalds. The sky was pinks and oranges....beautiful. Salads were tasty.

This morning we headed north to Providence and I 95. Before we realized we had done the stop and go dance through Providence and were on our way towards Boston. We circled Boston going north to the border of New Hampshire. We stopped at the Visitor Info Center for info on Portsmouth.

We took rte 1A along the coast of New Hampshire. We stopped approximately 8 miles along at Ray's...a restaurant specializing in lobster and seafood. Lobster pie and a lobster roll...delicious.

From here it was a short jaunt to rte 1B to wind down through the historic district of Portsmouth. We went to Strawberry Banks...an interactive museum with people in period costume, the original village restored for tours....fun. we spent the afternoon here...learning about life way back when. Portsmouth was the 3rd city established in the USA.

It was 4p when we left. We wandered up the coast checking hotel prices, driving through scenic little seaside villages until we found the Moody Motel. In the summer $289 but now? USD65. Can't beat those off-season prices. Lots of hotels and motels "will see you next season". We've had salads....from a deli and settled for the night.

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