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Royal Palace Entrance

Looking back to entrance


In main courtyard

Palace residence

Hindi temple

Palace on Lake

Alison being swamped for photographs

Marharajees Gardens

Alison on Fun Palace

With no major explosions and in the valley of the mountains did not wake until 07:45. Wandered down to breakfast and ready to start the next day with renewed vigour. As we wanted to use the hotels massive array of entertainment and sports facilities we targeted our guide and Mr Singh to complete by 13:00 expecting to make it back by 14:00.

Now traffic and Timing is always an issue for for India and did not help our case when our guide could not be found at the Palace, due to the poor organisation of entry into the palace and the traffic management systems.

Finally having been identified as his lost guest our guide run up palace steps.

There were many local visitors due to a Dawali and therefore the place was a heavy mass of hot sweaty humanity. There was one old woman that was constantly videoing the whole site and nothing, no queue, no guide was going to stop her barging, pressing, and sticking her iPhone into everything. The palace was again another museum of marhajas wealth and ambition. In fact the palaces on the lake. (As seen in James Bond Movies) where the home to his harem and party palace, for all things sexy, like fish shooting with arrows, feeding the servants to the crocodiles, as well as the normal, drugs, sex and rock and roll.

A lot of the rooms were serviced from single person walkways and these became increasingly hot and claustrophobic. But at each end of these corridors was an amazing room.

Following our palace visit, we headed through the marketplace to the Hindu temple of Vishnu. There was ceremony with happy signing, clapping and vigorous hand movements being undertaken by the devotees. I must admit it was a happy place. We had a walk around and headed back through the market place. I said to our guide that we did not to spend any money, our guide replied, that your women are very obedient and will follow you. I said you obviously do not know our women!!!!

Making it through without buying anything, we headed out on the water over to fun palace with photograph opportunities on the way. We landed for about 10 minutes and headed back to the mainline.

After wended our way through the crazy traffic, we jumped to visit the maharjarees gardens which operated form water pumps that were fed from a lake in the mountains.( similar to those of the winter gardens in St Petersburg’s.)

Whenever we go into crowds Alison becomes a Superstar with everyone wanting to have their photograph with her. It is amazing as soon as one has one, there is a crowd that forms, all wanting their selfie with Alison. Sometimes whole families swamp her and with the charges i am making for these opportunities I could retire out here''!!!!!

We returned to the hotel for more R&R. I am now up to date.

We have booked some Video golf! Table tennis, gym time, yoga and Pilates mixed as well as some swimming, so should sleep tonight ready for tomorrow’s epic flight down to the very south of India to Kovlamn, to a beach resort for our remaining six days. Will update in two days time.

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