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Our Route - The sea is very calm because our route is...

The galley i.e. kitchen

Approaching Trogir

Our first close view of the harbor

More catamarans

Another view of the harbor

Where we dock

The top line is the way you write Croatia in Croatian

The god of happy places is the symbol of the city

Entrance to the cathedral

Notice the bottom figures - The cathedral is supported by the backs...

The spire of the cathedral

The harbor at sunset

John writing

Today started with some excitement as we left Stari Grad on the island of Hvar. A number of the guests don’t pay close attention when the guide makes her announcements. They just continue with their conversations when she starts to talk. This morning we pulled away from the dock with one of the passengers still on shore! Last night our guide said that if you are going for a walk in the morning to be sure and be back on the ship by 7 AM. She also said that the ship would leave port between 7:30 and 8 AM depending on what the harbor master said. Keith thought that he had to be back on board at 8 AM. He went for his walk with no money or phone. The ship pulled away from the dock about 7:40 AM while Keith’s wife was in the shower. Luckily, the captain saw him running and waving as he was turning the ship in tight quarters so a disaster was averted. We returned to pick Keith up.

As we sailed into the harbor of Trogir, I watched the captain keep the green buoy on the right. Remember the old adage, red, right, return? In Europe, it is the opposite, just like driving on the left side of the road. Trogir is home to the largest marina I have ever seen. I could not believe my eyes as we pulled into port. First I noticed twenty or thirty, new forty-foot catamaran sailboats all moored next to one another. Then I saw twenty or thirty, new forty-five foot cruising sailboats next to one another, not to mention maybe twenty, new forty- to sixty-foot cabin cruisers. I saw almost no boats that cost less than a million dollars. We asked our guide about it, and she said they were all charter yachts, and that many families fly in and charter a yacht for a week or two. The town itself is like the other small island towns we have seen. Some old stone walls, an old cathedral, and very narrow city streets filled with shops that cater to tourists.

While on the bridge this morning, I noticed that we were at 43+ degrees north latitude. People have been swimming all week. I bet they haven’t been doing that in Detroit which is also about 43 degrees north latitude. The Mediterranean Sea certainly moderates the climate here. Our next stop is Split which is the second largest city in Croatia.

Note: Lois used her phone to take half the photos you see here.

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