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The Blue City with the Brahman

Heading down the narrow streets

Well in Jaipur

Entrance to market

Get your veg

Diwali paints

Too tired to carry on

Diwali gifts

Laundry Cleaning Service


We opted to walk back from the mountain top palace down the steep and narrow path, through the back streets and market place to meet up with our trusty driver Mr Singh.

As we struggled down and carefully weaved our way down ancient path where many thousands of previous inhabitants and foreign guests would have trod, evidenced by their many deposits.

We eventually came upon the backstreets of Jodphur and the real life that happens here every day. The children’s shouting out hello and running to catch up to take a look at us and hopefully get a treat. Today is Dawali and a holiday, it seems everyone is out on their motorbikes to get to the market to buy their gifts, peacock feathers and sugar cane for their offerings and tons of fireworks. I do mean tons. As I lay here in bed at 05:30 on the 29th October. The fireworks have and are still blasting out by their thousands. We feel like we have been in the middle of a war zone all night. The thunderous bangs, thunderclaps and rockets are still blasting the city. This carries on twenty four seven for the next week.".. I do not think I can cope and it is only twenty six hours since it started!!!!!

Anyhow as we wander through the enchanted back streets we are guided to a structured well, which has many steps down to the waters and is about 50 meters square and drops down 50 meters, a magnifient feat of mechanical engineering.

We continue down to the Market place where the action is absolutely manic, where moped and bike drivers force their way through the crowds and other moped drivers to get to their stall to buy their goods and head home. It is was photographers field day. The bustle, crush,noise, smells and heat of the place was mesmering and intoxicating. This feels like the real India I have been seeking.

We were caught in the buying fury and entered a fabric store, which we found had multi layers and like the Dr Who’s Tardis expanded greatly.

The master salesman managed to sell us all new outfits top to bottom for a princely sum of £80. However on leaving the store we had another 2 km of walking through this mayhem to get to our Driver. On the way Alison managed to purchase some lunch boxes and a few more scarves.

Returning to the relative peace of the hotel and down by the pool for some much needed R&R.

In the evening we went to the On The Rocks Resturant as guests of Southall Travel for the inconvenience caused. It is so important that our guide, his Southall Agent, and a call as well as photographic evidence was sent to Southall in Delhi as we sat. We had a lovely Indian meal, in what was a bit like an outdoor Rain Forest. All about us where hundreds if not thousands of fireworks being released into the air. Many seemed to be thunder clap fireworks released into empty garages making a body trembling boom. Little did we know, as I have indicated this has continued all night and even now as we prepare breakfast. What a memory and physical experience.

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