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Stage in auditorium at Radio City Music Hall....3rd level

Central Park.....Ghostbusters Towers in background

Boston Tea Party

And the tea goes over

Plymouth Rock

Yesterday we drove the undulating semi mountainous I 95 to I 395 and on to Newton Mass. on the outskirts of Boston. We passed by but above towns and small cities along the sea. Inland I 395 treated us to an avenue of reds, scarleets, crimsons and some fire orange maples. The yellows and majority of oranges had already browned and some had dropped. We passed through Connecticut and Rhode Island on our way to Massachusetts. The sun was shining...a beautiful day!

We found a hotel...Indigo...in Newton and spent the night. Parking AND breakfast were extra.

We woke to drizzly rain...that became serious rain by 10a. It is Sun. so we drove into the center of Boston...traffic was light. We stopped on Charles St. . We parked....free at a meter on Sun. We walked the short distance to the Trolley Store by the Boston Common, bought tickets for the Old Town Trolley, and climbed aboard the green line. This route gives a good overview as it touches on many districts. It seems to travel a little on other routes as well.

We got off at the Boston Tea Party Museum. The Eleanor was moored there.

We joined the 10am tour. First we went to "the meeting". We received new identities. Gord and I were Nathaniel and David Bradlee...a carpenter and a tailor. The meeting was roudy as citizens voiced their complaints. Sam Adams led the meeting. We were led up the ramp onto the Eleanor. Here Joise Bradlee led us in tossing the tea overboard. We went below to learn how the crew and captain travelled. We saw the huge quarters of the captain complete with a mattress on his bunk and a separate room with a desk attached. After we saw the 'kitchen' a 3 foot square space with some apples and little else. The crew slept in a virtual rope hammock with board sides. Uncomfortable or what! And maybe 3' by 4'.

After the ship we went into the museum. Here we listened to Sam Adams and the Govenor spar....framed figures that came to life. There were many letters from long ago in glass-covered desks and Robbins tea crate from the Tea Party that had been passed down through the generations before being donated to the museum. It was found on the beach, stashed under a bed for several months and then boasted about.

From here it was into a theater to watch Paul Revere's famous ride as he warned Lexington and Concord that the British were coming. Then it was into Abigail's Tearoom through the gift shop and back on the trolley.

We continued around the route over to the North End, over to Charlestown, Cambridge and back to Back Bay.and finished back at Boston Common.

We learned lots of facts....30,000 work at the Massachusetts City Hospital, 90 colleges and universities with over 250,000 students inundating the area each September. We saw Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the USS Constitution in the Charlestown Navy Yard, the TD Garden, Cambridge, M.I.T and Harvard, the original Cheers, the Prudential Center with its skyscrapers, Copley Place and Beacon Hill as well as the Boston Tea Party.

We had a quick lunch and joined the stop and go exodus to the south of town. Again it was a tree-lined corridor after we left Boston and I 93 went off.

We stopped at Plymouth and saw Plymouth Rock in the driving rain. It has been moved, is smaller than I thought, with 1820 is etched. It has a columned roof overtop.

After we continued south on # 3 heading to Barnstable where we found a small motel run by 2 friends.

Dinner will be at an Italian restaurant across the street. It is still raining seriously.

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