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Happy Dawili

Amit Fort

Marharjas Museuleum

Entrance to Amit Palace

Through the Gate

Magnificent rock carved exteriors

Ornate rooms

Throne Room

Ornate windows

Looking over the Jaipur the Blue city

Today is Dawali the Festival of Light and it seems to have already began with the setting off of fireworks from 04:15 this morning and the our call for prayer.Following breakfast the custom is to give gifts and sweets to friends and family. Alison had a giant bar of Diary Milk Chocolate and gifted pieces as we made our way to the car. Every gift was gratefully received from the cleaning maids to our guard on reception.e This was particularly touching. The remaining chunks were gifted to Mr Singh. We had our guide today Mahindra Singh. So we have two Kings looking after us today.

We headed out to a Masuleum made by the current Marharja to his farther who died in aircraft accident back in 1968. It was overlooking Jodphur and was from similar marble used at the Taj. As there was over 200 years different the quality of the carvings was less, but the structure was still impressive. From this point over the city, it was overlooked by the Palace and Fort still above us on top of the mountain. This is where we headed off to next. Mr Singh in his usually brash mode drove us all the way up to the main gate. From up here the view of the city was fanstastic as was the structure and architecture of this most impressive building.

Jodphur “The Blue City” as it is so named is due to the colour of many of the buildings. These were coloured blue by the highest caste of people’s known as the “Brahnam” the priests. I attach some great photo’s.

The magnificent and sheer structural engineering is breathtaking. Most of the building is carved out of solid blocks of granite, marble and sandstone, not in squares but the most intricate three dimension delicate shapes.

The remaining artefacts and paintings are truly impressive and capture the life history of the Maharja’s and their peoples over 400 years of construction. The most recent was an installation of lift to aid visitors to gain access to the fort from the entrance gate. Following our instructive description throughout the fort we headed on down from the castle entrance and the story will continue on the next blog.

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