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Elephants ready to carry

Amer Fort

Overlooking Jaipur

Winter Palace

Summer correct to within 2 seconds

Looking through the screens ar the people

Worlds largest Sundial

Alison and Zoe with The Red Hat Guards

Alison and Zoe with The Gold Hat Guards

Alison and Zoe with Ganesh

Unfortunately I was still indisposed not wishing to be more than 10 steps from salvation, so the rest of today is narrated by Alison, Colin, and Zoe.

Jaipur is known as the Pink City due to the time when Prince Albert Consort to our Queen Victoria visited that the Maharaja of Jaipur decided to paint the all the walls of the entire city Pink as he thought it would be nice to see.

The nice guide named Gniesh had two ear rings, they had his jokes as opposed to my jokes. Apparently better than me. So they to headed to off to the Amer Fort in Jaipur, where they decided not to cause issues with the elephants and used a Jeep to climb 200 feet to the front gate. They witnessed the Winter and Summer Palavce Maharaja of Japirpur. The Winter palace was adorned with glass ceilings and walls, but the entrances were all open as carpets replaced doors.The summer palace was white and turquoise and had water running down the back walls to keep the inside cool. They sprayed scent up on the carpet to stop the smell of poop setting the King. The Maharjagees could only look through lattice walls to see the people, the Maraharjas harem was attached to his bedroom by a secret door.

On leaving the fort they were surrounded by the salesman trying to sell their wares, all the way and inside of the car, with Colin throwing rupees at everyone and cam back with a load of tack, which will make some excellent Christmas presents.

The team then came back to check on me, but I was feeling slightly better but not ready to rock and roll.

Mr Singh was very worried about me and felt that he was going to a lose another opportunity for getting interest on our sales.

So after a drink they headed out to the Palace of Winds, where the maharagees used to sit and look on the locals. Another ride along to witness the astrology place Jantar Mantar. Which houses the the largest sundial in the world. A 90 foot sun fail dominates this 18th astrological park and is correct to +/- 2 seconds depends on the tilt of the earth. Then Ganesh told the team of their birth sign and what they were on their horoscope.

Zoe is cancer and she was the ”clever and knowledgable one”

Colin is on the cusp of Cancer/Leo which made him special needs this made him the ”boss”

Alison is Libra and in Indian it means “balanced”

They kindly asked for me as a Virgo and quite correctly identified me as the “the shitty one” or known as generally as the money man. As Mr Singh had had a word with him.

Alison and Zoe prostituting themselves by paying the guards to demonstrate the Kurma Sutra with them.

Mr Singh was unhappy to bring them back S he thought he was not be used to go out later to his cottage industry.

After having their best ever day in the half time because of the lack of photographic evidence being gathered by me, they disappointlingly headed back to the hotel.

Later that evening I braved the journey out as arranged with Mr Singh. He had arrange a personal guide to a manufacturing and sales store owned and operated by fifth generation Singh.

Firstly we again witnessed carpet making, then were presented with all the different make and styles and finally succumbed to buying. Next we were presented with the block printing and fabric design area as his uncle was a tailor he would make anything, any style, any fabric and it would be with us the following day. The girls were not happy but relented and purchased some cheaper end scraves, more Christmas presents.

We came bacK Alison and I had a drink and went to bed whilst Colin and Zoe went for Dinner.

Up again for breakfast and on the road again heading to Jodhpur the blue city next morning

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