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Arrival at

Quiet Library

Down by the pool and gym

Some of our neighbours

Pet tiger in garden

Light show at Red Fort

Light show at Red Fort

Floating Palace on the Lake

Street Sellers

Having travelled another 200kms through what now is repetitive countryside viewing.

The land is quite flat and fur tile and every place across this massive continent seems to be occupied and farmed by humans.

Ever 5 Kim’s you will enter a village centre, where children will be bathing by the water pump whilst the mother’s graft cleaning the children, the dishes and clothing. Their will be traders selling fruit, vegetables, meat plus any car parts etc. There will be a metal works, drinks shops, food being prepared on open fires. The men just sitting, standing, eating drinking and or playing cards. Or most appear to be asleep waiting to secure a sale from the shop. The women continue to labour in the fields with little or no tools apart from wooden sticks, small axes and knives. The now compulsory cows, pigs and dogs eating the rubbish undertaking a recycling role. There will be a number of camel, horse and oxen driven carts, stacked high with grasses and even more children on top.

The buses are so packed that if you do not hang out you are put on the roof at half price. This is a bit worrying because some of the 11000 volt over lines nearly touch the heads of the passengers..

It is an existence farming model. If they are not in the fields or asleep they are crowed onto the road on bikes, buses, carts, push carts and or bikes. There is an absolutely madness to any structure or application of any law, but there are few very few crashes but a cocophony of bleeping horns, bells and hooters.

We arrived at Jaipur at the xxxx hotel which is a remarkable 17th Century dwelling a peaceful oasis just feet outside the wall of this courtyard mansion.

I have taken some photographs of the property which is almost based on the Marigold hotel.

We were then whisked off to the Jaipur Fort light show which was still operating which we had been let down in Delhi and Agra. The show last for a hour and was spectacular in showing off the fort using multi coloured lights and telling the story of India from 1000 through to Independance.

I went o bed no feeling great only to have the arse end of my world fall out over night, hence my catch up on my blog today as I sip my tea and consume vast quantities of Imodium to hopefully stop the flow for tomorrow’s onward journey to Jophur. Alison

, Colin and Zoe are enjoying the sites, sound and smells of Jaipur and I will have to ask them to fill me when we at Jodhpur some 6 hours drive. I do hope that I can find a cork!'!!!!!!!!

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