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Happy campers being shaken to bits

Purchasing masks alleviated the dust

Deer in the park

Tiger track

Water buffalo

Waiting by the river


Snake eagle

I am writing this from the hotel in Jaipur, as I have been up most of the night with Delhi Belly and I dare not move far from room, anyhow there is so much to catch up back to Ranthambhore afternoon drive.

This afternoon we had been chosen section10, which was even further away then section four this morning and a lot more dustier, bumpy roads. We hung on for dear life as the travelled over an hour to the parks entrance.

Signs were good as we entered the park as a Tiger had been spotted this morning. We found some tracks from where the Tiger was seen and followed them down to their likely afternoon nap.

Signs were still good as we identified tiger fodder, I.e deer and antelope.

Despite many journeys back and forth, the tiger eluded us. Got some reasonable bird shots and scenery.

However we still had the journey back and this was made more interesting when this time the Jeep electrics failed and we were bumping head along into the dark. When the driver found the only street light for miles around, this too then failed meaning any repairs were futile. We bumped along for another hour which seemed like for ever. As the night got colder and our grips on the vehicle became stronger we started suffering from Hand Arm Vibrations Symdrone, DVT’s and loss of overall sensations. Having got back to the our sanctuary late we then had an Indian banquet awaiting us. I was really not in the mood and feeling quite unwell as I went to bed early ready to get up again for a 05:25 start.

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