Croatia and Greece Fall 2019 travel blog

Our motor yacht, the Futura

Park headquarters

Small Lake

The inlet to Great Lake

Map of the park, and our guide Marta

On the ferry to the monastery

The Benedictine Monastery

Inside the chapel of the monastery

Cruising north to Korcula

The town wall opposite our boat

We need this sign in Traverse City

Alongside the harbor

Notice the water clarity - the small black objects are sea urchins

A detailed map of where we are

An entrance to the old town

City streets - only for walking, not vehicles

A large clamp for woodworking

The travels of Marco Polo - he lived in Korcula

(Lois writing)

The food on the boat has been amazing - varied and of excellent quality. We will not lose weight on this cruise. The other people in our group are all really nice, though it took me until last night to finally learn everyone's name.

We cruised up the Dalmation Coast and spent Wednesday night anchored in a cove of Mjlet Island, next to a village named Pomena. One third of the island is a national park, and a few hundred people live there. Our morning activity was a short out-and-back hike (1 Km each way) to an inland lake, and then a short boat ride to St. Mary's Island in the lake. On the island is an old (12th century) Benedictine monastery. It was good to get out there. The boat is totally solar powered, paid for by the EU and designed by Croatians.

(John writing)

In the afternoon, we cruised up the coast to the town/island of Korcula. This is a beautiful area with buildings that date back to the 16th century. Unfortunately this means touring several old churches, and it doesn't tell us anything about the lives of the average citizens. I would rather "tour" all the gelato stands for some serious taste testing. However, to do this I would have to skip one of the delicious meals served by our chef. The sea here has amazing visibility. It might be a great place to scuba dive, but I don't know if there is much sea life to look at. Tomorrow we are going to stop for a swim break on our trip north. The water temperature is 76 degrees and the air temperature is forecast to be about 80 degrees.

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