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On the road

Truck trouble

How many on a moped

Bull in the road

Camel in the road

Local mercedes

Finally arrived at tented village

First drink of the afternoon

Monkeys by the pool

Our first Tiger seen

After booking out of our hotel, this was the drive I was most dreading and the reason why I kicked off when we were first allocated this vehicle.

I took the first shift of 3 hours from Agra to Ranthromhborn. To be fair this part of the journey was on reasonable lightly trafficked roads, But Mr Singh would not put his foot to metal and go above 80km/hr or 60mph. This meant that the 350km we had to covered would be hours. Now Mr Singh had provided us with a mix of punjabi greatest hits from the 13 to 14th Centuries, which made the time fly by. The only other disturbances were Mr Singh counting his money, watching videos on his phone, calling his friends and relatives to past the time. The most worrying of all was his constant eating of prepared chapits with his mouth open and jaws a chomping, making a most disgusting sound.

We stopped somewhere at the end of a motorway that was still under construction. I swapped and sat in the front with Alison taking the back child’s seat. The problem with the motorway not being complete is that it was made in sections that did not join and in some areas it seems as if the buildings on the sides of the motorway had their front rooms knocked out to push the motorway through.

The roads got worst and smaller, we were passing through villages full of people, camels, cow, tractors, Tuc Tuc, pigs, goats, sheep you name it, they were on the road going in their direction. It did not matter which was the correct way it was their way.

We made an unscheduled stop for pee pee at a gas station, which again we immediately became the headline act.

Poor Alison was finally released from her imprisonments as we arrived at our hotel. We were greeted by the management staff and following a cold drink, champagne and a wash down were shown to our luxury tents.

It got dark quite quickly and with clear skies and stars twinkling over head we changed for dinner.

The site is lit by candles and is on the edge of the national park. Each tent has a bell to receive attention but to also seek the support of staff members to take us from the tent to the restaurant or bar. No need to worry then.

We saw our first Lehaugh Monkeys in the trees outside of accommodation. Poor Zoe is not enjoying the insects or animals that surround the tents, so she has put Colin in charge to be her personal security wherever she went, including the shower'!!!!!. Hopefully once we going things will become easier.

We had a lovely 6 course evening meal under the stars and by candlelight. Then retiring to bed.

Alison and I have picked up our first, second and third mosquitoes bites. You certainly become aware of the noises of the jungle and surround when laying under the mosquito net. Goodnight, sleep tight make sure the bugs don’t bite.

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