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East gate

Through East Gate into main complex

There it is one of The Wonders of the World

There we are on Lady Diana’s Bench

Alison and Zoe with their fashionable shoes

Taj from north side

Sunset Glisening on gold in dome

Looking back over River

Just before sunset






As we loaded back into Mr Singh car escorted by Asisis, we were heading the Worlds most recognised and iconic buildings, one of the Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal. I do not need any explanation as to why this was built, but the perfect symmetry, pure beauty and the precise care and attention paid to its skilled craftsmen, materials and love, make it a serene, calm and magical place.

As we ran the gauntlet of traders, beggars, wild thieving monkeys and docile beasts of burden, we finally reached the entrance gate. After being throughly frisked, and I mean throughly by some over bearing national guard, we were let in. Walking to the East Gate and over the boundary wall we had our first glimpse, then out of the darkness and into the light. There it was before us, just like the postcards, pictures and TV screens we all know. We are here in front of it. Mesmerising, just magical. There was too many people, but as we headed down, we stopped to have our photographs on Diana’s bench. There was a queue in which we waited patiently. However some other tourists tried to barge in. This is when our guide Assiss, took over, he violently protested, stood in the way of the camera and Taj and refused to move until the people retreated which they eventually did, as the crowd hostility increased for those that we waiting. Having taken the picture, we moved onto the masulumn.

What is not ever seen on the pictures are the inlaid gold, and jews that adorn the Taj. It was not until the sunset could the glistenening of the stones be seen. To enter the Taj, you had to don some shoe protectors, a bit like lint cleaners, this was to protect the building.

Once inside the amazing craftsman is on display, with perfect symmetry and the finest of details of cravings in each of the marble walls. Semi precious cut in fine hair like designs, of hearts, flowers, animals and birds. With the light coming through the marble the colours of the stones and patterns could be seen.

The guide inside called Alison and Zoe’s names out inside, like a song and the sound reverberated around many times, it was truly wonderful and emotional.

After coming back out the sun was beginning to set, and we wandered along the back of the Taj which overlooked a medieval scene along the river side. Looking back we could see the palace from where had been previously.

Again another unknown fact is the number of birds, that live in the gardens around the temple.

As we settled down on the east side of the Taj, we watched as the changes in the sky colours reflected on the marble dome. More time for photographs and the to leave.

Again we battled the hawkers as we left to be taken to a stone carving demonstration to display how the inlaid Jews and gems where fitted into marble. After purchasing some small items, we headed back to the hotel, to have little sleep to witness sunrise of over the Taj.

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