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On the road to Agra

The red fort

The Inner gate

The palace

The intricate form work

The marvellous marble and inset stones adoring the palace

Our first of the Taj

Ross’s Telephoto lens works it magic

The King Bedroom minus the gold

Heading down ramp towards exit to go to the Taj

Following another interesting drive from Delhi to Agra, to go see the Taj Mahal. We arrived at our hotel and headed straight up to the pool. There we had our first glimpse of the Taj Mahal across the rooftops and power lines of Agra. Following a quick swim and some beers we were escorted to the Red fort, by our guide named Assish. Unlike Mr Jeep he was engaging and very helpful to clear queues and move others along.

The red fort was built by the Third ruler of the Maharajas. It took over 60 years to complete and therefore was completed by the 4th and 5th maharajas. The complex inside the walls was set for the Kings to have the pride of place at the very top of the hill, and everyone else with very little. The inside of the carved red stone walls would have marble inlaid with gold, precious and semi precious stone, weaved in ever increasing intricate patterns. The windows also made from finely cut precious stones.

Much of the historical furniture and other gold, silver and jems were still on display. This was a very interesting start to our visit to Agra.

We made our way back to the hotel to get set for the evening at the Taj.

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