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Tuesday Aug 27th

We have been told we should visit Malmo, in Sweden not too far from here. There are buses, but probably the easiest option is the train, plenty of services to choose from. We walk the short distance to the train station, but cannot make sense of the ticket machines, so buy from the ticket office. Seems there are a couple of trains every hour, we get an open return ticket, DKK292 ($70), so it is a bit expensive. The trip is quick, about 40 minutes if we go all the way to Central Station.

We get off at an earlier stop, Triangeln Station. We had been told it was futuristic and worth a visit. It was certainly different, the walls of the station had led lights that raced along the tunnel as a train approached, and stopped after it left. A huge glass dome covered the station, letting in plenty of natural light. We walk down to the main shopping centre, a huge modern mall with air conditioning to give us relief from the 32 degree heat. Another place with dozens of bikes, and we see some cool modifications here, especially the trikes that have a fully covered cab that will take a couple of people. We head back to the station to continue the journey to Malmo Central, using the same tickets, and if anyone challenges us we will just play dumb foreigners who got off the train too soon. But our tickets are not checked at all, not even on the return journey.

We do a lot of walking here too, around the canal areas, and are surprised at how different it is here. In Denmark it is busy with people enjoying themselves in and by the water, here there is hardly anyone, and we only see a couple of canal cruise boats. We make our way over to Malmo Castle, and chill out in the shade of the gardens surrounding it.

We are back on the train around twenty past five, and back in Denmark around 6pm.

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