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Good morning to South Austalia

Some final shots of the scenery from the train

Some final shots of the scenery from the train

Our cabin on the train

Our bathroom on the train

Almost in Adelaide

Arriving into the Adelaide Station

Hello Adelaide - City of Churches

Beach at Glenelg

Jetty at Glenelg

Pub meal

Oh dear the last morning on the train......however not the best night of sleep due to the rough track in South Australia and the stopping and starting all night. However would not change anything as the trip has exceeded our expectations. So we do eventually get up and moving and make our way to the restaurant for Brunch at about 8.30am. We are sat at a table with a couple we have eaten with before so it was really lovely having the final meal with them. Now many adorable decisions - but I end up having the gammon with bubble and squeak - best bubble and squeak I have ever eaten just saying. We stay and chat for a bit with our new friends before heading back to the cabin to do the final packing where David virtually has to sit on the case so I can close it (I have acquired 2 x hard hats and 3 x Ghan ponchos on this trip). It is now that I realise I have not taken a pic of the size of the cabin or bathroom - very compact - but all you need considering majority of the day you are out and about, and when you are on the train you do spend a bit of time either in the bar cabin or the restaurant.

We finally arrive at Adelaide station (the temp is only 14 degrees) and due to the fact we only have cabin baggage we go straight out and find our lift to our hotel - well that was reasonably easy and we are on way to the hotel before we know it. Check in went well and we have a long hot shower each and then I say to David I want to walk into town so we can arrange our trip to Hahndorf tomorrow and sort out what we are going to do this arvo. So David (who complians the whole walk in) follows me...........bit further out than I thought but I love to walk around and get my bearings when I go somewhere. So I bribe David with coffee when we get into town - which seemed to work!!

So we popped into the train station and spoke to this gorgeous lady about public transport and she sold me an all day ticket for Saturday for $10 and for Sunday $7 - David was as happy as a pig in shit as she gave him a 2 week ticket for free travel (now he finally has a seniors card). We now have more money to spend on drinks as the travel is now covered for less than $20.

So we jump on a tram and head out to Glenelg - I always have to pop out here when I come to Adelaide!! Well fuck me.........with the wind chill factor it was around 9 degrees and I bloody froze - the wind cut right through me and I never thought I would warm up. So we go for a walk down to the beach and take the tourist pics like you do.........then I had to get out of the wind as I was freezing!! So all of that skin that melted off me in Katherine a few days ago - has now grown back as fucking ice!!! Just saying....I decided we needed to go into the pub and have a drink (hehehe really had to twist David's arm on that one). So due to the fact it was about 2.30ish we decided to have a decent meal and that would do us for the day. I could not pass up the Taco Burger and David had the Kangaroo Sandwich - delish but of course could not finsih it all. We sucked up the scenery of the ocean whilst having another pint or two and then decided to catch the tram back - well obviously the walk to the tram was via the bottleshop!!

We get back to the room just in time for the Perth Glory game to start - so David is now currently happier than a pig in shit!! However I have been slowly coming down with "MAN flu" all day and it is now starting to take hold - so I take drugs and have a little nap. We end up having a quiet night in but just what we needed I think and I am almost out of drugs - but still enough to get me through the night!! I need to be well tomorrow for our trip to Hahndorf - as it is one of my favourite places...........

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