2019_USA travel blog

Ceiling in Capitol building

Inside below ceiling in Capitol

Smithsonian Castle

Lunar module from 1st moonwalk

Hubble mirror

Orinal Kitty Hawk

The National Mall

Lincoln Memorial

Arlington National Cemetary

Today we were at the Smithsonian Castle at 9a when it opened. This building, while it does tours, is mainly administration for all the satellite museums. In one wing called the Treasure House, samples of items from all the other museums are here. We spent an hour there perusing the treasures from moon rocks to black widow spiders and beautiful butterflies.

By 10a we were at the air and space museum....just as it opened. Here we opted to take a tour as it touched on the highlights. We revisited the first moonwalk, saw Neil Armstrong's spacesuit, saw numerous rockets, the replica of the Hubble spacestation, the spacestation, and learned lots about the space race.

From here we went to see the Wright Brothers oroiginal plane from Kitty Hawk. My feeling was that Kill Devil's Hill was far more interesting as it went into everything in greater detail.

We had lunch in the cafeteria and then went into the future of space. It went deeper into the physics involved in going into space...exploring prisms and colors, sound and light waves and the mechanics of going into space.

It was after 2p when we caught the trolley to the Lincoln Memorial. We spent a short time here...seeing Lincoln's statue, reading his speeches, and admiring the view.

After we went over to Arlington and took a tour of the cemetary. We got off at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but were far too early to see the Changing of the Guard. We spent time reading the displays at the Welcome Center. When finished we caught the metro to our bus stop and went home.

We have dined and are journalizing. We'll settle soon.

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