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Arriving at Cultural Centre

Alison and Zoe in Heritage Centre

Bob at the Disco

Puppet show


Kwality Wall’s Icecream stall

Red Fort at Delhi

Where’s Wally,? Lost in the School Children

Early to breakfast and as were were aware that our next flight was from a small regional airport we had some sever limitations on our baggage weight. This caused concern with all the additionally gifts we are considerably over the total 70kg for the four of us. The solution was to send the additional gifts and clothes back via one of Colin’s containers. So a cricket bat bag was duly dispatched from Colin’s manufacturers and we filled the bag to sent back to UK in next four weeks.

Arvin arrived at our hotel to take to us out to an Indian Heritage Villiage in which we are transported back to life and times before the British. It was an attempt similar to that which you may see on Great Yarmouth sea front!

None the less interesting may more so by our personal performed magic show, whereby coins and balls were made to disappear, pigeons magically arrive and the highlight the regurgitation of 2 sizeable metal balls from his mouth. One of these rolled up to Colin’s feet and he quite sensibly left it on the ground.

Next a puppet show was arranged for us and the story of India was show through the dancing puppets.

I must admit the show was quite excellent and realistically performed. At some time during the show we or should I say I was swamped by a herd of five and six year school children on a trip. They too had come to see the show. They have no idea of personal space and therefore I was soon being climbed on and over to see the show.

Before we left again we were treated to some Indian breakfast tastes sweet lasse salty lasse and a fruit custard.

The fruit custard was just that fruit custard brilliant. We were then driven back to the hotel ready to depart to the airport. Further gift exchanges were had and we off we go again.

We are leaving from a small regional airport which has only just being converted a military base. So secret was it’s location our driver had to ask the way. The airport was very small and was approximately twenty steps from the reception to waiting the area. How many security checks and staff do you think this required? 30 people and 1/2 hour later, 1200 rupees lighter as we had excess baggage despite reducing our load.

Thinking we had got through Alison was stopped at security. The reason being she had my golf shoes, tees, balls and pitch repairer in her hand luggage and the issue was that my new Vice golf balls( a birthday present from Richard and Tiziana) were considered to be an offensive weapon and my pitch repairer a stabbing device. I accepted the pitch repairer could be But my golf balls no way. They wanted to embargo them. I said no way and had them returned to the luggage, which meant I had to back 10 steps and put them in the suitcase. This meant I had to go through rechecking and weighing the bag, back through security and rescanned and recheck passport and boarding cards. All this in full view of the 30 staff that had just 2 minutes earlier had checked me and watched me put the balls in the bag. I was slightly iterated and even more so when a group of Sikhs came through all with their swords on their belts and were waved through. This was the last straw, I was not happy.

The flight to Delhi was fine in a twin propeller plane.

We landed at Delhi and could not find our guide, who only turned up after Colin had made several calls, claiming that he was at another gate. He then lead us out to find the vehicle rather than bringing the vehicle to us. Then very annoying explained the vehicle we were about to go was to be our vehicle for the next two weeks. The really annoyed me as it was not fit to carrying 4 passengers comfortably along 4 cases and 4 sets of hand luaggae. This is because the fourth seat is a child’s seat at the back of the vehicle, OK for day trips but not for long haul. Despite my protestations the representative was confident it would be ok because small people can fit in!!!!!!!!

Arrived fuming at hotel, had English fish and chips at our hotel Clar. Then headed out to see the fantastic light show around the red fort.our driver r Singh who knows everything possible about our journey and places to go, had a bad start as the night show had not operated for six months and was not due to restart for a further six months. This day had gone from bad to worst. Current score India 6 Bobby 0

On returning to hotel Zoe managed to chat up the young boy serving cake and coffee, as she battered her eyelids and gained extra cookies and biscuit. He left her his name and number to add to trip advisor listing although I am not sure whether that is a euthmisam for” call me later”

Came to bed woke early to complete blog but to draft complaint/compensatory email to Southhall travel.

Alison up now so ready to start another day

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