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Golden Temple From East Gate





Closing of the Book Ceremony



An evening visit to the Golden Temple was even more impressive than during the day, with the temple lit up so that the gold colour radianted around. Whilst it is difficult not taking photographs recognising that this is live religious building serving the needs of thousands of devotees. Sometimes it feels that we should not be there, as the pilgrims are laying prostate praying to their god.

We were there to witness the closing of the book, which is putting the religious book to bed, this is because they believe that their God is the scriptures and therefore the living manifestions of God. The book is collected on a special bed which is prepared by up to 30 devotees and taken from the temple back to its bedroom in the main building. I am sure that the spiritual significance to the pilgrims was more than for us but we were given front row seats to the bed making ceremony.

With the book closed, the temple was closed although hundreds still flocked to walk around the temple, whilst others slept within the grounds and around the surrounding courtyards and streets. They would be awoken at 3am for cleaning the streets, taking a bath, eating the prepared meal and for entrance to Temple at 4:15 and another days prayers. So as we wandered off and headed back to our hotel for some night caps before retiring ourselves only to be woken at 4:00 am for some calling and praying for the faithful all around the city.

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