GTT-Gone To Texas Fall 2019 travel blog

We made it! We left at 8 AM and drove 120 miles through cold rain and some mixed precipitation. Fortunately the ground temps got close but never reached freezing. Arriving home at 11 we were stressed out but happy to be home safe!

It turns out that the snow totally missed us. Although it got much colder in the afternoon, we never got any snow! Oh well, we got home early! And I bet those slushy roads got a lot more slippery when they froze!

Camper note: I found that the left rear tire on the camper was almost bald, and the right rear tire has noticeably greater wear than the front tires! I always do a tire inspection before every trip and they all had pretty equal overall wear before this 4,000 mile trip. I took it to storage at Bolton RV and stopped off at the shop and spoke to Eric, who replaced everything except the wheels and tires in August. He sees a slightly bent axle, which I could not see even when he pointed it out. He will follow up with Dexter and get it replaced under warranty. I was going to replace the tires in the spring anyway. Always something, I guess!

Axle Update: Got the axle replaced. I am going to take the trailer to a repair shop and have the wheel alignment checked before I get new tires. While the camper is in the shop I'll get a second opinion and have the entire suspension checked.

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