GTT-Gone To Texas Fall 2019 travel blog

We are making a 'quick' trip to Texas and trying to see some stuff along the way. The purpose of our trip is to celebrate Andy's engagement. attend an engagement party, and meet Andy's future in-laws. Along the way we will stop and see Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry, visit Janet's sister Laure, and meet up with friends Paul and Sandy in Tyler TX.

Getting the camper ready still involves some work even though we just had it out a few weeks ago. I pretty much check everything, especially the tires and suspension. I pack lots of tools so that I can fix just about anything. Knowing more about fixing RV's results in more preventive maintenance. I winterized the plumbing before storage by blowing out the lines with compressed air, although I don't think it ever quite got to freezing during these past 4 weeks. Better safe than sorry.

We are not receiving all the satellites on DirecTV so I replaced the LNB, which I hope fixes it (it did!). I replaced the ROKU receiver because we lost the remote and they are cheap. I activated our Verizon JetPack hotspot for internet, and I was disappointed to find they no longer offer unlimited data service. I also replaced the propane tanks, which were more than 8 years old and no longer refillable, according to DOT rules.

Janet has planned all the meals for these 3 weeks and has most of it already bought, so we are actually packing more food than usual!

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