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Couldn't resist this one


Freshly harvested peanuts

A truckload in front of a silo full of peanuts

Bales of cotton

Lincoln Memorial

The closest we got to the Whitehouse

The Capitol

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise and a day of glorious sunshine. We took a route through Elizabeth City, hwy 58 around Elizabeth City and rte 13 to Suffolk. From there we headed to Richmond Virginia stopping at Wakefield enroute.

Here we stopped at a peanut plant to see how peanuts were processed. We saw the bins they were collected in, silos they were stored in and a video on the whole process from planting, picking (harvested with a harvester), sold to processing plants, shelled, heated, graded, and packaged. At this shop pecans and cashews are imported. All are sold roasted or toasted with honey, cinnamon, or buttered toffee or chocolate both milk and dark. Peanuts are also sold raw. All are sold salted.

Along the route we saw huge fields of cotton in all stages from new plantings to harvested cotton awaiting a trip to market in huge bales of cotton.

We saw hot boiled peanuts...a South Carolina speciality. Peanuts were swollen with water and looked mushy. We didn't try them.

From rte 460 we went north to Hopewell and joined I 95 to go north to Washington D.C. we went off on I 395 following the GPS? It took us in through the city, across town and onto Connecticut Ave to a Day's Inn...$400 plus $25 for parking a night. Ouch!!!we went to a Day's Inn on Columbia Pike in Arlington and paid less for 3 nights with free parking, easy access to the bus and metro....clean and comfortable.

To-day we went into town to sightsee. We walked through a farmers' market then caught the Old Town Trolley. It took us past the Lincoln Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, George Mason Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial and the war memorials for the Korean and Viet Nam wars as well as FDR's memorial. We had excellent views of the Whitehouse, the Pentagon and the Capitol. We saw numerous Smithsonian museums.

Smithson passed away leaving all his money to the government to set up museums...and they have. There are streets of museums....history, 3 art museums, a spy museum, science and technology, air and space, agriculture, a law enforcement museum, etc. The original museum was in a red brick castle-like building. Now there are many separate museums.

At stop 1 we got off for lunch and got back on to ride again. This time we got of at the Capitol building and botanical garden. We went first to the garden to see the plants....so many beautiful orchids, cacti and tropical plants. It seems a small garden.

We went next to the Capitol building and took a tour. A crypt sits under the dome with its many doric pillared dome. George and Martha Washington are interred here.

Next we went up to a hall with huge paintings and statues and learned the history of the paintings and room. The dome is also painted. From here it was off to the original room for congress. We learned about the original 13 States who united and signed the Bill. Statues from each of the 13 States reside here along with that of Rosa Parks who fought against segregation on buses etc. Now there are 460 members of congress and the room is far too small.

Each State is required to have 2 statues of either bronze or marble at the Capitol.

By now it was nearly 4.45p and with the last bus at 5p we boarded the Old Trolley and rode to our stop by the Agricultural Museum. Here we caught the metro to Pentagon City and took bus 16 to Walter Reed St. We had dinner again at Rebellion and went home to rest our weary bodies.

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