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It's a bright, sunny morning in southern Oregon. The blue Pacific sparkles. At times, rocks jut out in the water in strange shapes. There are flat, walkable beaches and people doing just that. So many temptations to stop. I do sometimes.

In southern Oregon, I notice homeless people, and it continues in California. Quite a number of hitchhikers. In Brookings, I get coffee and a morning bun, and continue driving, the sugar from the bun spilling here and there.

Then there is the "Welcome to California" sign (I'm back! This is my home!) Soon redwoods and also stands of aspen or birch appear. So much vegetation, such a green and blue world. I cross bridges occasionally.

I want to stop where I can get in a bicycle ride and stay on the beach, but that doesn't quite work. I saw RV parks on the beach in Oregon, but too early in the day to stop. When I pull into the clean, well kept KOA in Fortuna, just south of Eureka, I walk around the neighborhood and around the park, until hunger overtakes me. At the Eel River Pub and Grill, I have halibut and an organic Porter while Monday night football flashes on the wall.

It is time to be heading home. The evenings are cool and darkness arrives early. No one at the RV park is outside. There are no campfires. I have a first rate day, but did not chat with anyone. Many people stay inside their RVs most of the time.

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