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Williams Route 66 Again!

Route 66 Tribute

Kingman Another Rte 66 Town

Coming Into Las Vegas

October 17, 2019

Not so cold last night but we did have the space heater on.

Today is a travel day to Las Vegas (281 miles) without much in the way of scenery. Headed south on Hwy 89 to historic Williams, the nearest town to the south rim (60 miles) and a main street town on Rte 66. The train to the Grand Canyon also has a terminus there. Got expensive gas and some groceries for our last rig cooked meal of the trip.

Interstate 40 which is not much other than scrub brush scenery, wind and long, sweeping hills with many 6% grades is not too much fun. Stopped in Kingman and had our lunch in the Visitor Center parking lot. Was very windy which did not bode well for Hwy 93 across the Mojave Desert. Hwy 93 us also known as the most dangerous highway in the country primarily because of deadly crashes and the worst medical service wait times. Not comforting! The wind was not too bad until we approached the turnoff for the Hoover Dam. There was a sign that said high profile vehicles were not permitted on Hwy 93 because of wind! That was in addition to as sign that said “high profile vehicles stay in the left lane””. I guess they want you have room to blow into a lane and not off the road! We got off but there was no place to go and others did not pull off. Back on Hwy 93. Not 50 mph winds as in WY but also not fun.

Arrived at the Oasis about 3:00. The Oasis RV Resort truly is a resort with LOTS (800) of RVs. Camp check-in is like a hotel with a luxurious well-appointed lobby, dining room, store, concierge, exercise room and lovely pool. It’s not much more than a cement slab. We have no grass or picnic table as we did the last time. WiFi is pretty good. This is NOT camping but a good place to get things cleaned up and reorganized before going home. It is VERY windy, almost like Torrey.

Bob went to the pool and I immediately uploaded pictures because I could! Lovely private shower/toilet room. As I finished blow drying my hair all of the power went out!

Dinner tonight is Bob’s favorite, mystery spaghetti. 2017 Josh Legacy Red Blend which we also like!

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