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Queuing and collecting their plates

Sitting down ready to fed

Kitchens making soup

Alison helping with the pots

Making the chapities

Kneeling the dough

Cooking the rotis

Washing up

Ready for the next thousand!!!!!

Not only does the temple feed their spiritual minds but also provides free food to anyone that comes. This is provided 24 7 by volunteers that believe in doing good good things will happen. Now everyday approx 250,000 meals of rice, kidney bean curry, nan, and rice pudding along with Massala Char drink. These are served to 300 people in large room every 20 minutes. There are 9 such rooms so 2700 people at max every 20 minutes. All the food is required to prepared, cooked and served along with the clearance and washing up. After each meal the roomed is washed down with water, mats replaced and so the next course begins.

We were privileged to get to see behind the scenes and all the preparation and cooking that is undertaken by the volunteers. The size of the operation is massive but so is the numbers that are assisting. All seem to know their job and role and continue to work for whatever period they can.

It is truly impressive, never understimate the value of thousands of people all working to the same goals.

The heat, dust and environment did not seem to affect anyone and believe me it must of been over 40 degrees in most areas with cooking going on all over the place. Organised disorganised chaos. I have some wonderful photos of the action but have set a few aside the rest you will have to wait for my presentation.

Out of the kitchen and back into the temple.

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