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Photo over Amritsar from Room 1616

First Master of Sikhs


Already to enter temple

First view of golden temple

Golden Temple from the East

We was there!

East main gate

Today started early as the call to prayers came out at 4:00 am and the cities incessant horns start honking at 5:00 am.

We were welcomed by our guide Ramesh, a young Sikh lad at 09:30 and we headed out to centre Amritsar. As we journey in we had an excellent introduction into the city and culture.

We arrived within a predestination walkway that took you into the Temple Complex. We surprisingly passed a McDonalds and several hunderds of single roomed shops selling their wears. Most of which are head coverings to wear in the temples, photographs of which are attached.

We entered the North gate and stepped down into the complex. It was immediately apparent the degree of religious devotion and love that seemingly all faiths have for the temple and more importantly the book of the Sikhs which is treated as a living god. Every step every position around the four corner temple grounds had a story and significance. Even to the fact that Indria Magadhi had tried to bomb the temple to bits to establish control over the Sikh people as late as 1984.

The temple is a magic and wonderful as you see on the TV but it seems to be so much bigger and brighter.

Everything you hear or see about the devotions, cleansing of the body, the prostrate positions all happen everywhere and at all times. The temple is open 24 365 and feeds and nourishes everyone’s inner mind all the time. This will be part of my next blog.

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