We drive over the Mississippi River to Arkansas

The Mississippi River

Our site #50 at the Morrilton RV Park

Some of the other RV’s...

Our view of the noisy freeway, I-40 right in front of us....

welcome to the Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean is buried up there on that hill top

The Legend of Petit Jean from France....

Her burial amongst the rocks to preserve the site.

A good warning and piece of advice to all of us, where...

Another piece of advice for us all.....

It was an easy walk to the Cedar Falls

Be careful when walking near the edge of cliffs

For lunch we went inside the Mather Lodge

The Arkansas River

With a storm coming at us we had to hurry, then slow down when the rain started. We drove the 50 miles to Memphis on back country roads. Then continued our drive of 250 miles to Morrilton, Arkansas which is not far north of Little Rock. Now officially in the west, when we crossed the Mississippi River. Originally, we wanted to drive into the city for a tour of the State Capitol building, however it was Columbus Day and there were no tours. According to Trip Advisor and one other RV’er the short drive to the Petit Jean State Park was in the offing. The wonderful but heart breaking story of Petit Jean who is buried on the property of the park is told. We visited her grave and learned more about her. Earlier in the day we hiked to the Cedar falls and ate lunch at the famed Mather Lodge restaurant. A funny thing happened while eating our lunch, looking out the big picture window, we noticed some movement in the bushes a ways off. Then all of a sudden, the animal was on a trail, we gasped. It was a young cougar coming up the trail. Beautiful long tail, walking with bold purposeful steps. It favored us for quite a few minutes then went off into the forest.

When we returned to the RV we were curious about the Arkansas River which we’ve seen earlier. Where does it originate? Using our mapping system we traced the Arkansas all the way west to the East side of the Rockies in Colorado. At the other end of it’s life, the Arkansas River ends in the Mississippi about 50 miles south of Memphis, TN. We really enjoy geography and the mysteries that maps can solve.

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