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How many cases and people can a Turk tuck hold?

Today was as we find is all about timing, and for us it was a close run thing as so many issues tried to block our progression to Amritsar. Just know that our flight was due for take off at 5:45.

Firstly we had a leisurely breakfast at 10:00 not knowing that a lunch had been organised for 12:00 with the Bhalla family at the hotel. After a late start we were treated to a wonderful 8 course meal, but by 1:15 with the last course yet to eat we had to leave for the “ 2 hour trip “ to the airport. The Maitre de was so disappointed Tharp the we left before the final course we were presented with a fruit cake to eat on the go. Now just to say that we were in 2 different cars heading to airport.

On the way we saw hundreds of black kites flying around Delhi waste dump. I rolled down the window to take some photographs and the smell was absolutely disgusting.

Anyhow the 2 hour journey was further delayed when Colins driver went to arrivals and had to reverse along the 3lane motorway to get back. Now being separated by thousands of people and needed to check as time now 4:45. We had 30 minutes to get to boarding. However security still had its chance to create issues and so it was to be. Dispite being an internal flight and waiting in line we were told it is at international departures. Time now is 5:15. Whilst awaiting to go through security was asked if my camera bag had a camera in, I replied yes and was asked to remove it. I was asked if the bag had leads in it, I replied yes and was asked to remove them. So my camera was emptied. At the remote end of security I was stopped again and asked if I was hiding a lighter!. This was nearly the final straw I was steaming mad and last call was on the board for Amritsar. Of course gate 24a was the furthest from security. I went into a lumbering jog to the gate and laid down in front of the airplane until the others arrived. The plane took off 15 minutes late with the 4 of us coughing recovery on the remainder of the flight. However we arrived in the smog filled city of Amritsar and the roads were as mad as Meerut and Delhi.

The shops, moped, bikes, Turk Turks cars and vans all heading in whatever direction they were going.

Had a relaxing drink in bar before retiring to bed to face another day in paradise.

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