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Desert View

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Mather Point

Desert View

Not Far from Mather Point

October 15, 2019

I had an industrious morning. Made the sauce for our Asian glazed slow cooker chicken thighs and then scrambled eggs for breakfast. There is quite a rhythm to max the use of space and not blow a circuit!

We had a lovely drive from Page to the Grand Canyon on Hwy 89/64 (about 130 miles). For the most part the drive was mesas and scrub brush. We had planned to listen to Sapiens but found that I downloaded the Spanish version!

Our first stop was Desert View inside the GC. This is where the Vermillion Cliffs, San Francisco Peaks, Painted Desert and Colorado River come into view. Much nicer than when we were last here in May 2012 and it was overcast and cold. The view is overwhelming , humbling and spiritual. We didn’t climb the Colter’s Watchtower as it was too crowded. Now there is a market and deli! Bob got a sandwich and I made my lunch in the rig. Gorgeous, mild day that is nice for touring. Again, it is hard to accept the commercialism in the park. This is in contrast to Bryce where there is commercialism adjacent to the park but very generous services within the park!

We arrived at the Visitor Center about 2:30 and the RV parking was full and there were cars parked everywhere. We kept driving and found the RV overflow parking which was right behind the Visitor Center! Best parking around and not far from the Mather Overlook! Will try to park here tomorrow when we do the rim walk to the village and perhaps take the red line shuttle tour of the more remote areas of the rim.

We watched the NP movie which is always good and then walked to Mather Point. I needed to start dinner so we drove to our camp which is south on Hwy 64 a few miles in Tusayan. This is where the tour operators and Imax is located.

We are camped at an older camp, GC Camper Village. We did get some shade but no WiFi to speak of. Put on dinner and went across the street to the Imax to see The Hidden Secrets of the GC. Not the best but interesting.

Can’t believe our trip is almost over! It is a short one and I feel we are just getting our mojo!

Simple dinner of our Asian Slow Cooker chicken thighs and rice. J Lohr chardonnay.

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