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Alison and Zoe at Hindi temple in Meerut

Alisons Choi’s

The Gurjal Family our evening hosts in Meerut

This is a first hand telling of Alisons and Zoe’s tour of Meerut,

First they were whisked off to a funded school in the heart of the city. The principal was the school friend of Chivena Gujrat who we were being entertained by later this evening. They had a wonderful time and the school looked after from 3years to 18. The children would all stand quietly every time the Principal entered the room, just as all the workers should whilst the owners came into the room. I think I will be adopting this arrangement when I get to back to work. The girls brought gifts for the children. The place was bright and colourful and seemed a happy place.

They then went to the local Hindu temple and then onto a sheik temple, both of the names I cannot remember but have attached some photographs. From there they were taken to lunch at Subways and from there to Jewellers Market where they were presented many thousands of pounds of 24 carat gold and diamonds.

Fortunately Alison and Zoe were sensible and only looked.

We met back at the hotel after Colin had finished his second visit to Gujrat family manufacturing unit.

At 7pm we were met by the Gurjal fbrothers to be taken to their home for the evening meal. We were whisked through the streets of Meerut in the dark, which is even more terrifying than the day, as cows do not have any lights, as most mopeds, bikes or cars, but they all have horns. And they all continue to weave unafraid through traffic moving in every direction.

We arrived in what appeared to be green belt area and drove up to the gates expecting them to opened automatically, and they were but by the two guards that are employed to looked their home.

The entrance was magnifient and later we found that the two brothers had designed and built this two winged mansion for their families and parents. We sat in a lounge area and were served some refreshing drinks and snacks. The drink however was an acquiried taste as all we all disappointly left them slightly untouched. We were warmly introduced to their wives and show around their two winged mansions. It was a marvel of designs and use of wood and glass. Even the externally walls were decorated with ceramics in various patterns. It was a marvel and with the two entrance sweeping staircase, it was a home of beauty, it even had its own temple.

The meal that was provided was surperb, cooked by the wives and servant. After what appeared many different but very toned down curry flavoured dishes we were served an Indian trifle.

We had a lovely time talking about family all in English of course, and at the end of the evening we presented the family with gifts. They then presented Alison and Zoe some gifts from the school they visited earlier today as they presented both of them with some wonderful crafted silver serving bowls.

A wonderful real experience with fantastic Indian hosts in the very heart of Meerut. The drive back through the very heart of the city did aid digestion before we retired to bed.

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