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The Bhalla FActory

Range of products

Weaving the thread for making nets

One of the many machine shops

Making bladders

Sewing room

Safety notice

Meerut Temple

School notice board

Jewellery Shop

Sunday, after waking in the night to find that the room temperature had increased to 26degrees set air conditioning on which rapidly reduced it to 18. Slept well but woke with frost bite and found shower system had little hot water.

Went down to breakfast and only Colin tried the Marsala sauce with pancakes whilst Alison and Zoe tested the chefs waiting to serve us with poached eggs on toast. It was interesting but it seems that only Colin and I had specific waiters for our every need, whilst Alison and Zoe had to fend for themselves.

After breakfast Colin had arranged a trip to Bhalla manufacturing and I tagged along for the ride. The girls were taken away and sold into the Indian mafia and as I document our day we have yet to see their return. No seriously they were taken on a cultural shopping trip around Meerut as well as visiting a locally supported school.

Not having visited a sports manufacturer before it certainally was an amazing experience, seeing the raw materials, steel, aluminium, even old tyres converted into high quality, high specification products.

The arrangements were basic but far more safe, clean working conditions than I had expected. The sheer simplistic of engineering is fantastic, as is the use of modern processes such as extrusion and high pressure moulding. The range of products was incredible with at least 50 lines being produced concurrently. With all the excitement and the questions the tour overran. Colin and I were taken back to hotel and were again entertained by Ashoc and Sanjay for another Indian buffet for lunch. Unfortunately Colin had another plant to visit so off he went and I have come back to document the trip journal.

As we speak Alison and Zoe have not been ubducted but sent back from their guided tour around Meerut.

They took in a school visit, the Hindi temple and then onto Subway for lunch yes the same as our subway as the saying goes “as in India do as the English do” Following the banquet of wraps and chocolate cake, they were guests of the another manufacturers wife who sold jewellery as a side line. When I shall a Jewellery shop this was attended by 30 salesmen each selling a specific element such gold, diamonds, silver etc... As it was Alison’s birthday I said to her to get herself something for her birthday. I learn now that the cheapest item was £31,000, and I do hope that she was sensible and not brought anything but I will soon find out on the account.

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