2019 Bear Hunt travel blog

Inside Diamond Head Crater

View from one lookout on the climb

Top lookout at Diamond Head

The track

Diamond Head (on postcard)

Sunset at Waikiki

Waikiki by night

13 October 2019

Our last full day to finish off our Hawaiian adventure. A coffee at the Fair Coffee Lounge, after which we set off for Diamond Head. Decided to go by Uber, picked up by a friendly fellow in his Tesla - probably our first and only ride in such a vehicle.

Lots of people already at Diamond Head, $1 entry fee and we had a look around before Ian and Pam decided they would do some of the climb. Anne & Don made themselves comfy under the big shady trees, while the climbers took off. Not sure how far we would go, and found the track quite an easy walk, albeit uphill! Had a couple of rest stops and decided we would keep going. It was quite hot, but parts of the track were shady and a bit of a breeze. Made it to a good look out spot, decided to keep going to the first tunnel, where we decided we would turn around & head back down. Wasn't an easy decision, as we both felt comfortable about going further. Chatted to another hiker who reminded us we would probably need a torch for the tunnels. We estimated how long it would take us to make it all the way, and climb back down, and although we were a bit disappointed, we headed back.

No phone reception to call another Uber, so took a taxi who was waiting for a fare. An interesting driver & car to say the least, but we got back safe and sound.

A quick change into our swimmers, picked up a sandwich from the ABC shop, then found a table in the park for a late lunch. Our last swim at Waikiki, followed by our last ice cream at the Hilton, and then back to start the sorting and packing.

Headed back to the beach at sunset, maybe our last Hot Dog? Bother, he only had two left, so half a hot dog each, and just enjoyed sitting at the beach in the cool of the evening.

Picked up some fresh fruit on our way back to supplement our "hot dog" meal, a game of cards, and now hopefully a good night's rest before an early morning rise.

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