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Bravura Gold Resort our dining room

The largest and longest candelabra in India

Welcome back, I am now drafting out our first day experience on the Indian sub continent, although being extremely jet lagged we have a group of youngsters 17 to 20 in our next room making more noise then Jar Ho. I will have to go round and ask for some piece..... Anyhow I will regain our story to tonight here in Meerut.

We need to go back to a wet, drab, raining Watford as our taxi driver collected us. The driver was Paul who then days earlier had collected us from Heathrow after returning from Moscow and St Petersburg, well that’s another story......

The Air India aircraft was perfectly OK despite the limited film choices of Slum dog millionaire and Bollywood, but after a few hours of the rthymtic beat your can actually understand the songs. There was a background smell of curry which was increased ten fold when the Roganjosh was delivered for Supper. Alison was pleased that she had brought wraps and crisps before takeoff.

The journey was uneventful, but the seats in Economy are hard...never again I said last time and never again I restated this time as I hobbled from the flight with a bum and legs that were numb....

After having spent some time in the line for security to enter country trying to get use to the India pace of life would be challenging.

Our drivers meet us at the airport as arranged and we headed out from India Ghandi Airport

We were then driven through the outskirts of Delhi and headed into real India, whilst we were on on a dual carriage, it did not mean there was two way operating!! Add on additional horse and carts, add on thousand of mopeds in all various states of conditions, multiple riders and excess storage, then add to the mix random cows, bulls, dogs, cats and humans all sitting, standing, sleeping eating, bathing and toileting then you have a wild drive. Also the traffic management of what they call roadways, police stopping points and so many near misses added to the excitement of heading out to Meerut. 21/2 hours later we arrived at at our hotel Bravura Gold Hotel.

We were met by the owners, who also had the hotel built to their specifications, the Bhalla family, dad Ashock, and sons Sanja and Shekhar. We received a traditional Indian welcome and were then taken for a tradition Indian lunch, which we thought would be some snacks. However three hours and twelve courses later we waddled out.

We were then shown their hotel complex, with 7 conferencing suites,, one of which they had arranged to show us the disco which was set up for us. There were so many reasons why this is the number 1 hotel in the north of India, some of which were their high security arrangements, and their impressive internet connections as well as largest lighting system in their function room.

Check out

Anyhow the owners of the hotel also run and own the biggest multi million dollar sports manufacturer in India and the hotel is just a side line!,,

After looking around hotel and having a beer we decided to go to bed at 21:30. However the evenings entertainment did end their as the bedroom next door to us seem to have a party going on for a girls swimming team. After calling down and going down to the front desk to ask for some quiet, the party dispersed slowly.

First impressions, lots of people, lots of cuties, lots of noise and lots of colours. And this was only day 1

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