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Ale-Hop is THE happening store for young people around here. Just look...

A multilevel department store on the Gran Ville

The inside courtyard of the Reine Sofia

Some of my faves



A famous Salvador Dali

Some of the stranger modern work



Oct 8 and 9 we spent our last days in Madrid visiting two of the "biggie" museums. The Placa (the older works like Goya and Velazquez ) and the Reine Sofa museum with the more modern and contemporary works (i.e. Picasso, Salvador Dali and more recent Spanish artists). In each of these museums, much like the Louvre, you could easily spend a week. We spent a day in each and still felt completely overwhelmed trying to take it all in. One should really take an art history course before coming..

This trip has been such an education. Each city we've visited has its own treasures and energy. We have felt completely safe, if a little overwhelmed, in the crowds here. We've tried some interesting dishes, and are sometimes very surprised to find out what we've actually ordered with our limited (ok, nonexistent) Spanish! Weve had some lovely Airbnb hosts and stayed in some great apartments in the center of everyday life here. The sun has graciously shone down on us pretty much every day weve been here. We are grateful for all of this and now looking forward to spending Thanksgiving weekend with Jims family before heading home. Thanks for following along!

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