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Crown Rack of Ribs

Diablo Salad and Peach Salsa With Chips

Leaving Capitol Reef Homestead Overlook

Anasazi SP Ancestral Puebloan Habitation

Lots of this Between Boulder and Escalante

Million $ Hwy Built by CCC

Part of the Hogsback Near Escalante

About the Only Groceries until Page,AZ

Lunch at Escalante Organic Mercantile

Brand New Developing Camp

Camp Shooting Star

October 10, 2019

Dinner at Café Diablo was amazing and reasonable. The son of the owner has taken over but still as interesting a menu as the last time we visited. Bob started with the Diablo salad. We both had the pomegranate-glazed crown rack of pork ribs with sweet potatoes and roasted Brussel sprouts. Take a look at the picture for presentation. The meat fell off the bones and was so tasty. We have enough leftovers for at least one and maybe two dinners! 2015 Cline Old Vine Zinfandel. We were back in the rig by 6:45 to relax for the evening. We had our maiden cribbage game last night which does not count. Too bad as I skunked Bob! ( I won 2 games with great hands.)

What a night!!! The wind was blowing so hard that the rig was rocking and it was COLD! By midnight it was 45 degrees inside. Of course, our space heater was at home. The combination heat pump and gas furnace instructions/chart in the manual were impossible to understand. I finally just turned on the propane gas heater and we got some heat about 4:00. The wind howling continued until about 6:00 am when it subsided.

We had some juice and coffee and decided we would continue with our travel plans provided we could find a space heater in Escalante (population 800). Escalante and Bryce lows will be in the teens through Friday. Stopped on Main Street Torrey at the Chuck Wagon Deli and Bakery. We shared a delicious BIG, homemade biscuit with fluffy egg and cheese for next to nothing $. Delicious! Torrey (population 220) has good food!

Back to the Visitor’s Center for WiFi and personal business we needed to complete.

Finally started the Scenic Hwy 12 drive to Escalante. Because there was a freeze, the aspens were golden glowing and we finally had a real sense of fall. We had a route guide but there are no mileage markers or signs to let you know what you are viewing. Our first scenic view turnout, Homestead Overlook at 9400 feet , was fine. However, we found out quickly that most turnouts were poorly maintained and were impossible to maneuver the potholes. Cattle were clearly free ranging.

Boulder is a small (population 200) town with a destination restaurant, Hell’s Backbone Grill, and the Anasazi SP which we visited. The movie depicted a good history of the Anasazi (pre-Pueblo hunters and gatherers) and the Ancestral Puebloan habitation circa AD 1050 that grew corn and were more agricultural. The village consisted of almost a 100 rooms but we saw only one. The gift shop had tasteful t-shirts, pottery etc. that we didn’t buy but appreciated.

Leaving boulder we got a sense of the Hogsback asphalt. We encountered slow driving, 14% descents (although with good turnouts for slow folks like us) and steep drop offs. The first retail we spotted in Escalante was reasonable gas and the equivalent of Ace Hardware. We were not the only ones looking for a space heater! There were several choices at reasonable prices so we were happy. Stopped at Griffins grocery for a few things as there won’t be any reasonable provisions until we get to Page, AZ in a few days. Not much in town however, we shared some chile at the Escalante Mercantile Café.

The town has a lovely interagency Visitor Center where we watched another movie. Escalante Grand Staircase became a National Monument in 1996 and was the first to be managed by BLM. Archaeological research continues today with many prehistoric finds in the area.

Now about 3:00 we checked into our camp, Shooting Star, a bare minimum camp that has just started to develop. Few amenities but our hotspot is amazingly fast. I was able to upload days’ worth of pictures etc.

Dinner tonight is Spicy Pork with Asparagus and Chile, Rice and 2015 Beringer Knight’s Valley.

Tomorrow we will go to Kodachrome State Park just east of Bryce. It is purportedly comparable to Deadd Horse SP.

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