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October 8, 2019

Another clear, cool morning. We have a short (160 mile) drive to Capitol Reef today. We are having slow cooked BBQ lamb shanks this evening. Bob was not up. I decided to make the braising liquid so that all I would have to do is cut up the veggies and pour all in the cooker when we got to camp. I found these great silicone storage containers that collapse which are perfect for the rig because they take up no space. As I started to put on the lid, I pushed too hard and the container started to collapse with liquid going everywhere!! I salvaged enough though!

Bob packed all rear rig compartments and let’s just say he did not pack as I would have! Similar items are in several different places etc. We now can’t find the extra paper plates although we don’t really need them. The issue is where are they!!! Spent a half hour rearranging before leaving.

Moab is the largest city we will see for a while. Grocery shopped to replace staples.

We drove north Hwy 191 to Hwy 70 and then another 30 miles until we picked up the scenic byway Hwy 24 to Capitol Reef. It really is a lovely ride with many majestic buttes, monoliths and white colored rock formations along the way. Primarily flat, straight roads for most of the way with open range cattle signs for miles. We saw no cattle! That reminds me. The last time we drove to Dead Horse State Park there also were free range cattle signs. There were so many cattle on the road we thought they should have named the park Dead Cattle State Park!

Hwy 24 goes through Capitol Reef State Park with the Visitor Center on the western edge. We stopped to see the movie and get information on parking, hikes etc. We will spend most of the day tomorrow in the park. Declared a NP in 1971, Capitol Reef is referred to as the “land of the sleeping rainbow because of its beautiful multi-colored sandstone surrounded by verdant riverbanks and desert vegetation. The first settlers established orchards which still exist today. As I recall the Guilford House settlement sells jams etc. which we enjoyed last time.

We are camped at Thousand Lakes RV Park just west of Torrey. I don’t see any lakes but we have a beautiful vista from our camp. Bathrooms are rustic but clean. We are setting outside with some wine watching the sunset adjacent to the butte. Tonight it is supposed to dip below 32 degrees and we were cautioned not to hook up water. (We have enough on board.) However, tomorrow during the day we should see 70’s.

Jane Bagwell recommended Café Diablo when we were here years ago. We loved it and have an early reservation tomorrow. Is a small southwestern fusion restaurant with an emphasis on exotic meats. We are in the middle of nowhere and this is a destination restaurant!

With our lamb shanks and veggies we are having 2015 Beringer Knights Valley cabernet.

Not sure if the blog will go out tonight as camp internet is sparse and Verizon is non-existent.

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