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Riding on a levy bank where we shouldn’t have been. But it...

Tom has become an expert at finding unharvested grapes

We are in the Camargue. With the famous horses

Into Beaucaire and again we see the canal from Sete to the...

And even a ‘koala’ boat!

Coffee I lovely square in Beaucaire

No climbing on the dragon

Into our favourite bike tunnel

And out the other side. We had to ride it a few...

Now for all the Pont du Gard photos

The river was pleasant

The bridge impressive

Then on to our lovely chambres d’hotes

Thé bastide gate opens and in we go

Our host Laurent is wearing a great T-shirt

Tom’s onion tart dinner is made from huge sweet onions

Local wine with dinner


- followed ViaRhona path (more or less) - including a huge levy path , to Beaucaire. Briefly met a German couple cycle touring.

- Beaucaire was a nice looking town with lots of boats on a canal, which met the Rhône

- We had coffee stop in a lovely shaded old square (where I’d been 2 years earlier)

- Took a great bike path all the way to the Pont du Gard. Included an old train tunnel with fabulous coloured lights that changed as we rode through.

- Had picnic lunch by side of trail just before going into the park to see the bridge.

- Fantastic historic monument from 1 AD Only took 6 hrs to build.

- We spent an hour or more here looking at it, ringing under it and across it!

- Had accommodation close by. A lovely room in a B&B type of place, with lots of private rooms

- Had dinner there on their terrasse and the owner couple joined us for a drink before dinner. Then chatted with us over dinner.

Accommodation 66€ for 2 including breakfast

Distance Today: 50km Distance Total: km


Perfect day. Low 20s and no wind





Picnic with tinned salad and mimolette cheese

Dinner € pp

Onion tart - T

Dried sausage, boiled eggs, spiced chickpeas, lentils , home made olives, 3 local cheeses

Local red wine from Le pont du Gard

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