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Tom likes fresh milk. And e like the cow image !

We leave the apartment and I notice the helpful key instructions, written...

Down the precarious steps we go

You can see how uneven the old steps are. Ready for renovation

First stop. Van Gogh bridge at Langlois

And this was the painting he did

Our next stop was this building,still under construction. Don’t know what it...

Pillars of old railway across the Rhône Bridge was destroyed during the...

Van Gogh’s house in Arles

Back home,Tom gets our door open

The apartment really is fine inside.

With lots of space including a floor upstairs o



A very quiet day in Arles. We decided to look around following the theme of Van Gogh

Rode out to the bridge that he painted then followed a trail which showed a few other areas / items that he had painted. Some of these we were successful in finding. Others not so successful! But it was a good way to see various other bits of the city.

Called in at train station to find out about train timetables to Lyon but were particularly successful with that either.

Had lunch at a cafe in the square where van Gogh lived for awhile

Returned home late afternoon and I worked on my trip journal whilst Tom had a little lie down :)

Tom got some take away food for dinner which allowed us to plan the last few days of our trip and prepare to leave Arles the next morning.

Accommodation € for 2

Distance Today: 14 km Distance Total: 1556 km


Extremely windy. No need to pedal at all when it was behind us!





Paella. €15pp

Dinner 11.50€ pp

Asian takeaway plus a bottle of red wine from Arles region

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