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on the way to the docks, after the ritzy part of town

Cool hole in the rock to ocean

Here comes the wave!

opening in the rocks - window to the ocean

across from the window - terraces with paintings

ship building out of the rock

Belcher's Gull posed for us

another house in the rock

finding the right time to go out to sea!

so many birds!

my best shot of Humboldt Penguin

Cindy's pic of that penguin

seals frolicking and resting

Inca Terns

Thanks to Cindy, an Inca tern

red feet and bills on cormorants

aah - the Red-legged Cormorant! CC pic

blue-footed booby on right!

Cindy can identify immature Peruvian Boobies

so many birds - is there a penguin in there?


Feeding frenzy

Peruvian Pelicans are pretty

omg - look what I got!

and another good shot!

The national drink made from grape essense

our first ruins - restaurant has a view of this

one can eat and see the ruins - we just looked after...

ruins as seen by CC

name of museum housing ruins

I skipped breakfast and only picked up a banana, a roll, and a juice to take to the meeting at 7. We found out what the day would be like and then boarded a bus to this fishing village. Lima is next to the ocean but is a desert. They only get about 2 inches of rain a year - moisture comes from almost constant humidity and 80% of time in clouds. Boat ride to rocks full of birds, seals, and penguins was fun. An hour to get there, an hour on the boats, and an hour back, Lunch was 4 blocks away from our hotel where they showed us how they make their national drink - Pisco sour. A few of us liked it and consumed 2 or 3 of the complimentary drink that we all got.

I napped and showered and wrote this in the afternoon. Debbie, Sara, and Megan walked to the beach! I was too pooped to pop!

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