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Off we go again on kms of path between bodies of water....

With shellfish farming

We come to Aiguë -Morts. À town with medieval town walls and...

At last we find a spot for our picnic lunch

We arrive at Arles and cross the Rhone thru an ugly route...

We ride around town. See the townhall square

The Roman theatre

The Roman amphitheatre

Return to checkin to our apartment with the scary front door

And even more scary stair case lleading up to the apartment door

The boys are safely locked up behind our street level door

We head out for dinner at sunset


- had a longer ride today so left early (after desperately trying to find someone who. could give us the key to the bike lockup

- Again lots of riding on thin stretches of land between water bodies.

- Had morning coffee in a cafe in Galician Lent our pump to a local needing to pump his tyres!

- After leaving the canal we rode for most of rest of day through the swampy Camargue area. Lots of water the occasional horses on farms.

- Eventually found an acceptable place to picnic by the side of the road

- Got to Arles at 1500. Early!

- Apartment still being cleaned so we left our bags and explored a bit then had an icecream before returning to apt.

- Steps up to it were a shock ( in process of renovation ) but rest of place was excellent.

- has a drink before dinner in a local square then found an Italian restaurant open on a Sunday night and had a pleasant meal there

Accommodation 50 € for 2 people

Distance Today:73 km Distance Total: 1542km


À little cool at times in the wind. Sometimes wind behind. Sometimes headwind.



The usual



Dinner € 16pp

Mushroom risotto

1/2 litre red wine

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