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A sumptuous breakfast prepared by Tom

The old Béziers bridge,as we leave

Another look at the 9 locks. However will this huge barge fit...

Water gushes in as the lock opens slightly

A boat waiting to enter the locks in opposite direction. With fenders...

Looking along the length of all the locks. Very hard to photograph

Then off we set again on the canal bike paths

And come across the special viaduct where the canal crosses over (above)...

And a pano if the entire view with a boat going across...

Coffee stop in Agde

Tom admires the Agde sculpture

The bikes admire the canal view

I get excited about the boat jousting sculpture on Agde outskirts

Then we head off on the long causeway to Sete

The road is long and those clouds look threatening

Lunch at Sete place

Our exciting AirBnb apartment block for the night

Tom’s famous star pizza at Frontignan

I have a salad


- During breakfast, from our window, we watched the city of Béziers cleaners empty the garbage bins, machine sweep the streets and square , pressure clean the roads and all exposed items such as bench seats, then hand sweep any remaining hard to get areas. Amazing. And indeed the city was always totally clean!

- I’m leaving the apartment we rode back to the interesting ‘nine’ locks (6 working) and studied it in more detail, watching a couple of day cruise barges move through the 6 locks.

- Continued on the EV8 to the aqueduct that takes the canal over the top of the big river running through Béziers. A fascinating construction so high above the river.

- The bike path next to the canal du midi was quite good today although some parts were bad where they had torn up the surface and were relating it. Still much better than the earlier sections.

- Stopped in Agde for coffee This town was bigger than we had expected.

- Stopped at a bakery for bread for Tom and they had some GF bread. Couldn’t resist buying a loaf and support the GF industry. lots of boating activity here.

- Rode on to Sète and had a picnic by the sea. Then found our way through the maze of streets and waterways in Sète. We hadn’t realised how big the place was and how complex the waterways were. Lots of people and traffic.

- Interesting fishing hut areas too.

- Arrived in Frontignan with time to quickly ride around before checking in.

- Stored the bikes in a special lockup area in the basement of the apartment building.

Accommodation 51€ for 2

Distance Today68: km Distance Total: 1420 km


Cool start but if warmed to be very pleasant



Extensive breakfast of eggs, muesli , toast, yoghurt, rice in milk and fruit. Tom excelled himself today.

Lunch $18 for 2

Snack I. Waterside restaurant. Seafood pie - T

Pannacotta - P

2 coffees

Dinner 19€ pp

Star shaped pizza - t

Salad - P

We had red wine and grapes for dessert.

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