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When we first started planning this trip, we were shocked at how pricey it is to fly to Israel. We had enough frequent flyer miles to fly to Israel on United in Premium Economy. This price category is relatively new. Often Business and First Class are totally out of our price range, but anything we can do to make a long flight a little more comfortable is worth a few extra dollars. Last year we took Premium Economy on Delta when we went to Antartica. We couldn't see what we were getting for the extra $$$. The flight we took today was on a plane purpose built for this category and we appreciated the extra leg room and space to recline. Free booze and better meals were also features. It made the ten hour trip a lot easier to take.

We had never flown from Newark before. Where we were, the airport was modern and well kept, although the area we drove through to get there from Manhattan was ugly and industrial. It made us wonder why New Jersey calls itself the Garden State. Standing in lines at the airport was minimal. We have read stories about the intense security passengers endure on El Al flights with long interrogations about their plans and backgrounds. In Newark we were separated briefly from our carry-ons, wanded again and that was that.

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